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留学生の方へ International Students

International student education at O-HARA Gakuen

O-HARA Gakuen, a legally incorporated educational institute, is committed to create students' future through specialized education and contribute to social development. We operate various schools including kindergarten, high schools, vocational schools, and graduate schools on a nationwide scale in major cities from Hokkaido to Okinawa to provide a wide range of specialized education.
We also offer specialized education in Japanese language, accounting, and computer skills to students from overseas in an ideal environment. In addition, depending on the students' need, we provide a thorough preparatory education for those who wish to enter higher educational institutes and also advocate integrated education from vocational training to job recruiting for those who wish to obtain a job.
We have small classes for international students who aspire to be specialists in accounting at our graduate schools.

Please select the "education" you need at O-HARA Group schools.

Elementary and intermediate Japanese

For novice learners of "Japanese".

Schools where classes are offered:

  • O-HARA Japanese Language School.
  • O-HARA Vocational School for Bookkeeping and Legal Studies Namba School
  • O-HARA Vocational School for Foreign Language Tourism and Bridal Beauty
  • O-HARA Vocational School for Subaru Automobile and Sports Studies

Applied and Business Japanese Language

For learning advanced Japanese language.

Schools where classes
are offered:

  • Tokyo school (Suidobashi)
  • Osaka school (Shin-Ōsaka)
  • Osaka Namba school
  • Kobe school
  • Kyoto school
  • Yahata school


  • Applied and business Japanese
  • Entering the certified healthcare specialist program
  • Entering the auto mechanics program

Vocational schools (specialized curriculum)

For students who wish to learn with other Japanese students from gaining specialized knowledge to obtaining a job.

Schools where classes
are offered:

  • Morioka school
  • Tokyo school (Suidobashi)
  • Ikebukuro school
  • Machida school
  • Yokohama school
  • Chiba school
  • Omiya school
  • Utsunomiya school
  • Takasaki school
  • Kofu school
  • Nagano school
  • Matsumoto school
  • Fukui school
  • Kanazawa school
  • Osaka school (Shin-Ōsaka)
  • Osaka Namba school
  • Osaka Umeda school
  • Kobe school
  • Kyoto school
  • Wakayama school
  • Himeji school
  • Fukuoka school
  • Kokura school
  • Yahata school


  • Certified public accountant/Licensed tax accountant
  • Business administration/accounting/
    clerical work/sales/Marketing
  • IT/Information processing/SE/programming
  • CG/game/Web creator
  • Certified healthcare worker
  • Manga/Animations
  • Hotels/Tourist and sightseeing/Airlines
  • Bridal/Beauty
  • Beautician
  • Pastry chef/bakery chef/patissier
  • Automobile mechanic

O-HARA Gakuen Graduate School (Professional degree program)

For those who aspire to be a professional accountant.


  • Coursework for CPA
  • Coursework for licensed tax accountant
  • Educating specialists for financial divisions of companies and public institutions